High-Traffic Membership Marketing WordPress Site

DuctTapeMarketing.com was custom-designed by Rachelle, and built on the ever-popular Total WordPress theme for Duct Tape Marketing. Total was selected as a base for its ease-of-use and flexibility; and using an existing theme as a base allows for quicker development time and savings for the client.

Even though the site was built atop a purchased theme, unique design and customizations ensure it’s one-of-a-kind. The site includes a members-only Community section, where members can download excellent eBooks and read custom content. The site receives hundreds of new members each month, and Duct Tape needed to integrate the new member registrations with their CRM, InfusionSoft — a custom registration form was created via Contact Form 7 and integrated with the CMS and CRM.

Skills:  Design, Development
Client:  Duct Tape Marketing
High-Traffic Membership Marketing WordPress Site - Wise Web Development